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Zeta Base

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Cycloids Abyssal Forces

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Mission InformationEdit

A Martian base has gone silent - investigate and find out what happened at the Zeta base facility.


Zeta-Base is a mission that takes place on the planet mars in the northern parts of  Valles Marineris, the largest known canyon system in our solar system. Zeta-Base contains a large amount of back rooms and offshoot areas for the player to explore, along with 16 secrets in total to be found, And a wide range of monsters to fight. Puzzles consist mostly of finding keycards and opening doors to proceed through a variety of different areas.


Development of Zeta-Base started in February of 2014 and completed in November of 2014. it was created by a maker with the name of Snowfall. It consists of two interconnected maps, one for the lower bio-labs and residential living spaces, and the other consisting of the top floors with the Bio-lab entrance, control tower and docking bay. large Parts of the base are inaccessible to the player in order to create a large sense of scale.

During creation, Zeta-Base reached a critical wall limit in which no more points could be added and thus halting the creation of the map. A beta version of Zeta base was released on June 21 2014 in this unfinished state. Later it was discovered by a developer of the AMC TC mod and included into the original game for episode 2. During this, development was continued and many improvements were added that we see in the final version.


Zeta-Base was created with absolutely no story in mind, and instead focuses on exploration, gun play and architecture.

As it is in the Game, the story is that the EAF discovered several octobrain precursors and brought them into the bio-labs on Zeta-Base to examine. One of the precursors was dead, but the other was thawed. Immediately afterwards weird events began happening and the cults, already active, began to cause major unrest. Within days, civil order collapsed and the facility was ordered to evacuate.


  • The name "Zeta-Base" was chosen randomly by the creator simply for the letter "Z" so that it could be found easily in the list of maps.
  • In early development Zeta-base was created for Duke Nukem 3D. Then later adopted to use AMC TC assets.