Character Information

Full Name

Zaxtor Znort



Personel Battle level


Paranormal Level


Starting health level


Max stamina


Special Abilities




Agent Znort joined the AMC Squad shortly after winning the Oblivion wars with the rampaging aliens that plagued Duke Nukem and the Earth for so long. After gaining revenge for the destruction delt to his home Madagascar, Zaxtor has since helped the AMC Squad in many tough battles. He is also a hero to the Fossapeople indigenous to Madagascar. Zaxtor fought literally hundreds of alien creatures during the Oblivion Wars all by himself. He also was forced to delve into strange and bizarre worlds, and fight mighty creatures. Due to this, his fighting skill is incredible.

Zaxtor's home country is Madagascar. During the Oblivion War it was hit by an asteroid housing an alien base; this was a deliberate counter-attack to strike Zaxtor. The country is slowly rebuilding after the disaster. Although Zaxtor possesses no known paranormal abilities, his extensive journeys through bizarre dimensions have slightly shifted his very being from this dimension to the next. The effects of this aren't fully known, but Zaxtor is more resilient to psychic attacks as a result.


  • Fossa-People


  • Galbaland
  • Evil Emperor

Zaxtor's Guns
Oblivion TC Pistol · Shotgun · Ripper ·

Sonic RPG · Pipebomb · Muddlelizer/Expander · Sonic Laser Devistator · Sonic laser tripbomb · Petrify gun

AMC TC Rifle · Golden AutoRifle · Super Shotgun · QuadShot · Gold Regular Shotgun · SMGS · RC-APSMG · Super Galil · Sonic RPG · Pipebomb · Shrinker/Expander · Sonic Laser Devistator · Dz Firestorm · Tripbomb · Petrify gun

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