Xuglop map

Planetary map of Xuglop

Xuglop is a famous green planet well known as a source of conflict between its residents and the vile alien race known as the Pitfiends. James has visited this planet many times, and has helped the colonists defend themselves against the Pitfiends and their minions. During the events of Imagination World the world Government set up many outposts on Xuglop, and it's believed that they are still operating despite the absence of Tom Exerfed, the corrupt Goverment's previous leader.

Xuglop has a native species, who belong to the Anthropo selection of Galactic species (A galactic term for creatures with usable arms and legs) A rough translation of their name into English is Inta-Subat, but the majority of the Inta-Subat are fine with being called Xuglopians (However, there is a small sect of Isolationists - people who believe Xuglop should sever all extrasolar contact - that have violently opposed that name)


Xuglop, apart from it's bizarre atmosphere and rock colour, is a typical terrestrial planet. Compared to Earth its weather and surface makeup is relatively tame, with no real extreme conditions present. Some natives of the planet believe that its strange colours are somehow related to the Planet's calm atmosphere, and that it's some form of divine protection. However the Pitfiend and former Government's attack poked numerous holes in that theory.

Xuglop has a mineral makeup similar to Earth, but is abundant in metals from the Platinum family, especially Iridium and Osmium. Xuglop's distance from Earth and other Galactic points of interest however ensures that these valuable metals are still highly priced.

Unlike Earth, the entirity of the Inta-Subat species have formed into one nation - while their military and diplomatic prowess is far behind any other species, they enjoy relative peace and have few criminals. The capital city of the planet is Lokena, situated in between Xuglop's highest mountains (named in size order from smallest to largest as Mollod, Odziey, Yandzint and Tillyanyt) Earth maintains a few military, mining, and colonial bases on the surface of the planet, both as an agreement in trade for Iridium and other precious metals.

Xuglop is relatively close to Ractonia, enough that you can see Ractonia from the surface on a clear night. The Inta-Subat called the two sister planets, although they have no real connection or ties beyond their distance from each other.

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