Weapon Information


Tommy Gun

Gun Type

Temporary, Slot 0

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

15 + up to 5 randomly

Special Abilities

Alt-fire Spray attack



The Thompson machine gun, often referred to as the Tommy Gun, fires .45 calibre rounds and has a high capacity drum. Large amounts were manufactured by the Cabal in the early 20th century, meaning that this weapon is still in use by many Cults. It can also use Silver rounds, which are more effective against supernatural creatures.


The Tommy gun is first found in Millhaven, and is frequently dotted throughout Providence.


The Tommy Gun fires rapidly, although it's accuracy is poor. Alt-fire is much faster and fires in a spread pattern, ideal for shooting against large hordes of enemies. The .45 ammo is poor against armour (1/4 damage) and body-armour (1/2 damage)

The Tommy Gun can fire Silver ammo, which is ideal against supernatural enemies.

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