Weapon Information


Sawn-off Shotgun

Gun Type

Temporary, Slot 0

Firing type

Ballistic x7 projectiles



Mag Capacity


Damage Level

10 each projectile

Special Abilities

Fire both barrels



A Double-Barreled shotgun with the barrel cut down for easy concealment. Popular among criminals, guerillas, and cultists. Capable of accepting alternate ammo types.


The Sawn-off is found throughout Millhaven and Providence; Red cultists also carry one and may drop it if killed.


The Sawn-off is a versatile weapon; while it only stores two rounds, it can be reloaded quickly. Despite its improvised nature, its still accurate out to a medium distance. The Alt-Fire discharges both barrels (if it has already been fired once, the used shell will instead be reloaded) making it a good panic weapon. Cannot pierce armor with basic ammo, so aim for the head.

More informationEdit

Wikipedia page on Sawn off Shotguns

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