Weapon Information


Rocket-Grenade Launcher

Gun Type

Slot 4 Explosive

Firing type

Explosive, Projectile



Mag Capacity


Damage Level


Belongs to

James Stanfield


The Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon. It can take out large numbers of enemies due to the splash damage, but it is easy to hurt yourself this way as well. James uses this weapon frequently, throughout both Imagination World and AMC TC. The rotary grenade-launcher can hold 6 rounds, and can fire them at blistering speeds.

The version James used in IW could only fire grenades in an arc, but the newer model used in AMC TC can fire grenades in a straight-line as well.

Imagination World Edit

In Imagination World, the RGL only has one mode of fire. The grenades deal high damage with a great deal of radius damage as well, so close-use is ill-advised. Ammo is semi-frequent, especially near boss battles.


In AMC TC, the RGL gains another fire mode. Primary fire shoots the Grenade in a straight line, like a normal RPG. Alt-fire shoots the grenade out in an arc, bouncing several times before detonation. The RGL also fires much faster as well; you can empty out the entire 6 rounds in less than 2 seconds.

It reloads extremely fast, however, so don't be tempted to unleash all your ammo against one target.


There are no upgrades for the Rocket-Grenade launcher.

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