Weapon Information


Armsel Protecta

Gun Type

Slot 2 Shotgun

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

10x7 pellets

Belongs to

James Stanfield


The Armsel Protecta (also known as Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12, Armsel Striker, Protecta Bulldog, and Cobray/SWD Street Sweeper) is a revolver 12-gauge shotgun designed for riot control and combat.


The Protecta is a solid and reliable weapon; it's accurate, fires as fast as you can tap the fire button, and has a huge magazine capable of holding up to 12 rounds. However it must be reloaded shell by shell which is a slow process (Unless you have the shotgun Loading belt equipped, in which case it is much faster)

The Protecta can also fire alternative shotgun shells such as Explosive Shells, making it even more versatile.


Once Liz is discovered, the Protecta can receive a magazine upgrade.

More informationEdit

Wikipedia page on the Protecta

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