Weapon Information


PP-19 Bizon

Gun Type

Slot 3 SMG

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

12 + up to 2 randomly

Belongs to

James Stanfield


A sub-machine gun that fires the new 57-N-181SM armour piercing ammunition; has a huge magazine capacity of 64 rounds. Originally designed as a self-defense weapon for vehicle crews, it found a niche among special forces, including the AMC, because of its relatively light and small frame.


The PP-19 Bizon is a SMG with a huge magazine, ensuring that you'll have more than enough to take down most enemies. It's reload speed is also quite quick as well. It fires armour piercing ammo, which sacrifices raw damage in exchange for penetration.


The PP-19 can be bought from the Shopkeeper if you rescued Matvei - it costs 20k base budget.


There are no upgrades for the PP-19.

More informationEdit

Wikipedia page on the PP-19

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