Weapon Information
Nail Rifle


Nail Rifle

Gun Type

Slot 9 Nailgun

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

14 + up to 5 randomly

Belongs to

Rusty Nails

Nail Rifle

The Nail-rifle is a powerful assault rifle firing large armour-piercing nails at a high rate. It has a built in Holo-sight and an underslung grenade launcher as well, making it an excellent all-round weapon.


The Nail-rifle is a great weapon suitable for almost all purposes; it's armour-piercing projectiles make it useful against armoured and robotic enemies and it's grenade launcher makes it useful against crowds of weaker enemies as well. It's holosight makes aiming easier, however at longer ranges the nails are inaccurate. It's reload speed is quick as well; with the box magazine upgrade the gun is effectively a Nail-firing LMG.

If used with the Book of Nails than the gun becomes useful against super-natural enemies, turning it into a true all-round multi-purpose gun.


There is a single upgrade for the Nail-Rifle.

Box MagazineEdit

Replaces the 40-round magazine with a 100-round box mag. Costs 200 credits.

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