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Weapon Information
Micro Uzi


Micro Uzi

Gun Type

Slot 1 SMG

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

6 + up to 5 randomly

Belongs to

Rusty Nails

Micro Uzi

A very compact SMG; although it fires a low power round, it's rate of fire and mag capacity is far superior to Rusty's revolver.


Almost the polar opposite of Rusty's default Revolver; the Micro Uzi fires very fast but deals low damage per shot (However you receive more ammo per pickup) If you dislike semi-auto weapons than you may want to choose this gun over the Revolver - however there is no aimed shot and you can't weild two at the same time.


The Micro-uzi can be aquired in Millhaven near a dead Triad's body. Near the entrance to Millhaven's main town area is a ledge with a crack on it; if you shoot that with an explosive weapon it will lower allowing you access. Behind the raised area with the Sawn-off Shotgun and Explosive Shells you can find the Micro-uzi, as well as some money for the base budget.


There are no upgrades for the Micro-Uzi.

More informationEdit

World Guns article on the Micro-Uzi

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