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Merlijn Van Oostrum



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Merlijn is a hardened warrior who, alongside his brother Maarten, has kept peace throughout the distance reaches of the Netherlands. After defeating a Necromancer, he joined the AMC Squad and with their combined efforts drove it's dark hordes out of the country. The Necromancer still lives, but Merlijn and his brother Maarten are honing their skills so that one day they may defeat the foul beast forever. Merlijn is a close-quarters fighter; his ranged weaponry skills are formidable but limited to his armoury. Although this may leave him at a big disadvantage at times, Merlijn is the strongest and fastest on the team.

The Netherlands is where the Oostrum brothers live. It was hit hard by an evil Necromancer, but is recovering fast. The attack itself was bizarre as it's a modern first-world country; Merlijn is still investigating reasons as to why the Necromancer appeared. Merlijn's strength and health are far above the vast majority of humans; although he claims it is due to intense training, his brother's magical talents suggest the two have super-natural ancestry; this is merely a theory however.


  1. Dagger
  2. Sword
  3. Great Axe
  4. Bow and Arrow
  5. Holy hand grenade
  6. Thunder Sword / Flame Sword
  7. Blunderbuss
  8. Shurikan Trap
  9. Dragonslayer


  • Maarten Van Oostrum


  • Necromancer

Merlijn's Weapons
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