Majestic 12 is a covert and secretive group set up by the US Government to research and challenge any paranormal/extra-terrestrial threats to the USA. It's scope and goal have changed from leader to leader.


Majestic 12's Garmid research facility

During the events of Imagination World, Majestic 12 was lead by Magnus Giesler, a strange and charismatic man. Under his lead MJ12 aggresively researched the alien creature Revelion, trying to unlock it's powers and abilities.

James battled MJ12 security forces throughout his fight against Magnus; although numerous and powerful they were poorly equipped in MJ12 combat suits and so ultimately posed little threat. Various documents found in MJ12 facilities pointed to the fact that although a good leader, Magnus was poor at actually running the company efficiently; hiring poorly trained thugs to snatch subjects off of the streets and leaving a trail of clues.

After the events of Imagination World, MJ12 seemed to of disappeared without a trace. Wherether this means the group has dissolved or not remains to be seen, but references to higher-up leaders than Magnus implies this isn't the case.

Near the end of the Arsia Mons incident, James boarded a space-station that was broadcasting the letters 'XII' Despite knowing it was most likely bait James headed to the spacestation, a decision that would cost him greatly.

Upon fighting an advanced squad of soldiers, James encountered Magnus Giesler who was still alive. The two exchanged words before Magnus unleashed a telekinetic machine called PATCOS onto James; after a tough fight PATCOS dealt a powerful blow and tore James' right arm off.

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