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Weapon Information
MSC Shotgun


MS-Corp Shotgun

Gun Type

Slot 2 Shotgun

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

10x7 pellets

Belongs to

Mikko Sandt

MSC Shotgun

The MS-Corp pump-action Shotgun is a powerful weapon combining many excellent features. It has a large capacity, an ability to fire 2 shots in rapid succession, a built in ammo-counter, and the ability to accept alternate ammunition types.


The MS-Corp shotgun can load up to 10+1 shells (After reloading the gun from empty and pumping it, you can load one more shell) Alt-fire shoots off two shells in rapid succession, although the accuracy of the 2nd shot is much worse than the first one. It can also take alternate ammo-types, and has decent accuracy as well.


The MS-Corp Shotgun has no upgrades.

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