Weapon Information


MS Corp Pistol

Gun Type

Slot 1 Pistol

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

12 + up to 2 randomly

Belongs to

Mikko Sandt


A standard issue MS Corp pistol that fires armour piercing ammunition; a good side-arm with a good magazine capacity. Although automatic it's slow firing; however the gun is modular and several upgrades are available. The Gun also comes equipped with a laser sight.


The MS Corp Pistol is automatic, although it fires slowly you only need to hold down the fire button to keep shooting. It's magazine capacity is large by default at 20 rounds although reloading takes a while. It also fires armour piercing rounds, meaning that it's effective to use against a greater number of enemies than most other pistols. Finally it's laser-sight is another way to ensure accuracy on longer distance shot.

It's upgrades are cheap at only 100 for each one, making the gun fully upgraded for only 300 credits.


There are three upgrades for the MS Corp Pistol.

A fully upgraded MS Corp Pistol

Extended MagazineEdit

Increases the gun's magazine to 40 rounds. Costs 100 credits.

Quick reload gunEdit

Cuts the reload time down significantly. Costs 100 credits.

Rate of fire modEdit

Modifies the Gun's shell and increases rate of fire considerably. Costs 100 credits.

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