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Weapon Information


MS-Corp Assault Rifle

Gun Type

Slot 3 AR

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

20 + up to 10 random

Belongs to

Mikko Sandt


The MS-Corp Assault Rifle is standard issue to MS-Corp soldiers, and Mikko uses one himself as an example to the troops. It has a magazine of 25 rounds, is relatively light-weight and accurate, and has a magazine counter as well. It's most interesting feature is it's unique munition changing feature; MS-Corp research is highly classified so the method it achieves this is unknown. By the push of a button the gun can somehow modify it's ammunition to armour-piercing, making it a truly multi-purpose gun.

MS-Corp Soldiers use this gun and can also fire with it's armour piercing mode, making Mikko's footsoldiers useful against many enemy types.


Although 25 rounds isn't a huge amount of ammunition, the rifle deals decent damage more than making up for this. By pressing alt-fire you can switch the gun to armour piercing mode - this deals less damage than the normal attack but naturally is great against armoured enemies.

With the hollow point upgrade, the gun gets a 3rd firing type. This attack does much more damage against unarmoured targets, but performs very very poorly against armoured targets or enemies with body-armour.


The MS-Corp Assault Rifle has 2 upgrades.

Drum magazineEdit

Increases the gun's capacity to 60 rounds. Costs 200 credits.

Hollow point modeEdit

Adds a hollow point firing mode. Costs 200 credits.

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