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Pancor Jackhammer

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Slot 2 Shotgun

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Mag Capacity


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James Stanfield


The Pancor Jackhammer; an automatic shotgun that was saved from funding oblivion by the EDF. Fires quickly but has a mean kick and a 10-round detachable magazine. James used this gun throughout Imagination World.

Imagination World Edit

The Jackhammer performs identically between IW and AMC TC.



It fires Shotgun blasts at high speeds and forces your view upwards, meaning that good mouse control is required to keep the gun aimed at target. A good tactic is to aim at an enemies' feet and hold the fire button; the recoil will force the gun up and most likely make the third shot a headshot as well.

It cannot accept any alternate ammo types, however, limiting its versatility especially in levels heavy with armored enemies.


You can gain the Jackhammer for use in the AMC TC by beating Episode 4 of Imagination World and choosing the good ending. This will create a file called iw_complete.amctc in the IW directory; dropping this into the AMC TC's data folder will unlock this gun and the M1911 for selection in the loadout screen.


There are no upgrades for the Jackhammer.

More informationEdit

Wikipedia page on the Jackhammer

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