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Agent Highwire, also head of the Europe division of the EDF, is one of the AMC Squad's more covert agents. Originating from a commanding position in a renegade USSR state, his experience gives him a preference for soviet weaponry. Since helping James with the rogue Government Highwire has joined the AMC Squad and assists mostly in covert and strategic operations. Highwire originally had no need to use weapons, due to his commanding position; however he began to train himself with James' assistence. After leaving the EDF for various political reasons Highwire went on to lead a rebellion personally, and smashed a strong fascist government with his hands. Best with other team mates, but when given the right weaponry is a deadly fighter.

Highwire's true nationality is unknown; although he claims that Russia is his homeland, it is not his place of birth.

Highwire provided Radio support to James throughout the Government takeover in Imagination World; then only computer support throughout the Majestic 12 incident. During this time Highwire went under the alias 'Rob', and did not have his characterisic Russian drawl. It is unknown why Highwire was hiding his true voice during this time.


  1. Tokarev
  2. Remington-870
  3. AKM
  4. Missile Launcher
  5. RGD-5 Hand Grenade
  6. Dragunov SVDS
  7. RG-6 Grenade launcher
  8. Tripbomb
  9. RPK



Highwire's Weapons
Tokarev · Kashtan · Auto Mag · Golden Skorpion · Remington-870 · Saiga-12 · Gold Saiga-12 · AKM · M16A2+M203 · AS VAL · Missile Launcher · RGD-5 Hand Grenade · Dragunov SVDS · RG-Grenade Launcher · Tripbomb · RPK · RPKM · PKM
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