Golden Lighter
A lucky golden lighter found in Providence; would benefit a character who would use it to light an explosive, like dynamite. It seems to bestow the projectile with a paranormal aura, making it more effective against supernatural creatures.


The Golden Lighter is found in the shop in Providence (the building to the left of the clocktower) in it's basement.


Golden Lighter 2
This artifact enchants dynamite lit with it to be effective against supernatural enemies, dealing twice the amount of normal damage.

This artifact benefits Rusty Nails the most at the moment since he is the only main character who uses a Lighter. It does also function as a Luck charm however; Luck charms increase the chances of random drops as well as a very rare chance of negating the damage done from an attack - assigning this to another character won't be a waste if you wish to give Rusty another artifact.

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