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Weapon Information



Gun Type

Slot 1 Pistol

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

8 + up to 4 randomly

Belongs to

James Stanfield


A Semi-auto Glock; has a large magazine of 18 rounds and a light, reliable frame. Like in real-life, the Glock can accept a variety of modifications.


The Glock is semi-auto, meaning you can fire it faster by hitting the fire button rapidly. Accurate for a light pistol and can be dual-wielded. Against groups of weaker enemies, going akimbo can clear them out quickly.

Fully modded, the Glock becomes usable as a SMG, capable of sweeping hordes and carefully focusing on specific targets as needed. Dual-wielding is an ammo-expensive but fun way to get out of a tight spot


Glock 2

There are 3 upgrades for the Glock.

Extended magazineEdit

Extends the Glock's magazine to 30 rounds. Costs 100 credits.

Rate of fire modEdit

Turns the Glock into a automatic weapon with a faster fire rate. Be careful, as this makes it harder to accurately hit enemies at a large distance. Costs 200 credits.

Power modEdit

Improves the Glock's firing power - does 14 damage per shot plus up to 7 more randomly.Costs 150 credits.

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