Garmid is the largest city in the solar system, and referred to as the capital of the Earth; It lies on an island inbetween America and Europe. The main part of the city itself is a huge structure suspending a plate above the ground. This plate holds the cities' administration offices, and also provides corporate HQs to whichever companies can afford it. Below and around the plate is the rest of the city; dozens of skyscrapers surround the area, serving all kinds of purposes from housing to shopping to even power production. Each 'area' of Garmid has it's own designation number.

The City is protected by a huge security force consisting of the EDF, EAF, volunteers from the US and UK armies, and the city's own police force (Commonly called Garmid defence force) A large network of defence turrets surround the city as well; these range from anti-missile to anti-spaceweapon batteries. In light of recent events, droves of civilians have petitioned for a department who specialise in paranormal activity, but these requests are often ignored. If the incident is severe enough outside companies are often called in, as the rarity of such events would make financing such a department impractical.

Garmid was the initial spot where Revelion would appear and lay waste to the Earth. It is unknown just what exactly occurs when it awakens, however the state of the planet afterwards suggests that it decimates the Garmid defence force with ease.