Weapon Information



Gun Type

Slot 1 Pistol

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

12 + up to 2 randomly

Belongs to

James Stanfield


A pistol with armour piercing rounds; it has a 20-round magazine and comes with a laser-sight, activated by alt-fire.


The FN-57 is a great side-arm to take; with a large mag capacity of 20 rounds, good accuracy, and decent power, it's effective against normal targets as well as armoured ones. The laser sight will allow you to shoot more accurately, but is disabled when using these guns akimbo. If you already have several other armour piercing weapons though, it may be wise to take a pistol with either greater fire rate or power though.


The FN57 can be purchased from the Shopkeeper for 15k base budget.


There are no upgrades for the FN-57 but the laser-sight color can be customized in the loadout menu.

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