There are a wide-range of enemies in the AMC TC, with many different attacks and abilities they use against you. Some are weak, some are strong, some are only vulnerable to certain attacks and some are weak against others. If fought improperly they can and will kill you easily.

Enemies in the TC (seperated by faction)
Cycloids: Lizard Trooper · PigCops · Lizard Enforcer ·

Octabrain · Assault Commander · Minor enemies · Protector Drone · Battlelord · Overlord · Cycloid Emperor · Alien Queen

Abyssal Forces Shade · Satyr · Converted Humans · Bruiser · Cybertour · Maephisto · Flesh Wizard · Hades Sphere · Abyss Despot · Cyberdemon · Infernal

Cultists Cultist · Sorcerer · Dark Avatar

Mercenaries Grunt · Rifler · Light powersuit ·Heavy powersuit

Shadow Realm Triad · Ninja · Guardian · Ripper · Mamano · Serpent God

Fascist Footsoldier · Giant Robosuit

Paradigm Eschaton PE Trooper · PE Elder · PE Sentry

Majestic 12 MJ12 Soldier

Unknown factions Berserker · Ogre

Unaffiliated Zombie · Lost · Wasp Drone · Cyber-Cultist

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