Weapon Information


Dragonuv SVDS

Gun Type

Slot 6 Sniper Rifle

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

125 + up to 75 random

Belongs to



A powerful Sniper Rifle offering precision firepower with the use of it's scope, at a fast semi-auto rate of fire. It's 10 round magazine is also sufficient enough to drop the majority of enemies you'll face without having to reload.


The Dragunov is a great weapon that's almost perfectly accurate when fired using the scope; however firing without scoping is inaccurate and not recommended (although if need be, crouching can stabilise the weapon and improve accuracy just enough to make hitting enemies more possible) Although they deal no extra damage, the rifle shots deal normal damage to armoured targets.

It can also shoot Anti-Protector drone ammunition; though obviously a very specific target, a single shot kills the protector drone making it an amazing weapon to use against them.


There are no upgrades for the Dragunov.

More informationEdit

World Guns article on the Dragonuv

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