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Dis Base

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Abyssal Forces

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Mission informationEdit

The AMC Squad rush to a remote mining facility on the moon Ganymede following an alert by the precognition brains found in The Megabase.


The AMC Squad land on Ganymede and discovered the base over run by what appear to be demons. After piecing together what few hints there are, the only way forward is to trigger the base's reactor to meltdown and then take a strange ancient portal the inhabitants of the base found to parts beyond.



At the start of this mission you receive your equipment, and there is a few items not far ahead of the start (Including body armour, so you may not find it necessary to pick it as equipment for this level) Once out of the first starting area, you have multiple paths to choose from. Each path has different equipment and enemies to fight, but the ultimate goal is to collect 5 artifacts needed to open the reactor door.

Once the meltdown begins, you only have 3 minutes to reach the portal and open the gateway with the artifacts. Placing all 5 on the pentagram will summon a large Bruiser demon as well as 2 regular ones - you only need to kill the large one to activate the portal and escape.


There are 6 secrets in Dis Base.


Near the start in the little alcove room with the 2 Satyrs and the door switch you can activate the right monitor, which opens up to reveal a Slot 3 weapon.


In the Sewage section, when you climb the steps into the area with the scientist and the Satyr Ambush, you can activate the monitor with the warning on it to open a door just behind you. Inside is a Slot 4 weapon, ammo for it, and an Amulet.


Inside the Sewage area's last part where you hit the switch to lower the sewage levels, there is another monitor with a warning sign on it. Activate it to open a little tunnel where you can find Slot 3 ammo and an Amulet.


Inside the main cavern section near the locked door with the red trimming is a vent (look up a bit) You can either grab a barrel and bring it back from further up the cavern or try and lure an enemy nearby and jump from them. Inside is a short tunnel and a Slot 6 weapon + ammo at the end.


Just before the large room with the blue ceiling lights is a section of tunnel with a crack in the wall. Blow this up with an explosive to reveal a pathway into the large lava tunnel (find some protective boots first) On the opposite side a bit further down is a pathway leading to a larger room with a couple of Shades, a Slot 7 weapon, Slot 3 ammo, a fire shield, and Sang's Fire Spell weapon.


When the base is exploding, drop down the shaft in the middle (land in the lava to remove fall damage if possible) run through the tunnels, jumping across the pillars and into the section with the mining machine. Past this the green wall will be gone and after fighting a few enemies you will have the entrance to the Doom Disco Secret level.

Items of interestEdit

The hanging body to the left of the raised walkway in the main cavern contains a fire shield which will be dropped if you shoot it.

Inside the locked dark blue keycard store room (the key can be found in the deeper underground section, near the mining machine) is a chainsaw, armor, and ammunition. Additionally, there is a time portal which James can use. There's a scientist to talk to and a couple more to rescue for recruitment.

Throughout the Base, there are spirits Rusty can talk to for more background on what happened.



Dis Base was originally a Duke usermap I started working on a while back but left unfinished - it was only literally the first little area, the vast majority of the map was built specifically for the AMC TC. At first the map was extremely linear, with the player picking up keycard after keycard to unlock parts of the base one after another. However upon playing I realised this wasn't doing the map justice, so I changed the gameplay radically and left everything except the reactor unlocked. The pseudo-unlinearness was important to have after Megabase's straight forward gameplay.

Dis base is also the only level in Episode 1 to have a failure cutscene, showing a long-distant shot of the base going up in a mushroom cloud if the timer runs out. I felt this would be A) much cooler to see than a simple game-over screen and B) would soothe the player a bit with a neat cutscene if they failed to escape in time.

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