Weapon Information



Gun Type

Slot 1 Dagger

Firing type




Damage Level

40 + up to 10 randomly

Belongs to

Merlijn Oostrum


The dagger is a small weapon that although better than a punch, is replaceable by Merlijn's larger weapons like the Sword and great axe. Cannot pierce armor or damage supernatural enemies.

Location Edit

Available by default.

Gameplay Edit

Though unassuming, this is Merlijin's easiest access to ranged attacks. The alt-fire throws a dagger, dealing damage to an enemy. It can be picked up again for reuse (although it can vanish if left unattended). The lightweight of the dagger gives Merlijin a good deal of speed, and paired with the shield, is a good way to rush close to an enemy and either stab them or switch to a stronger hitting weapon.


The Dagger has no upgrades.

Merlijn's Weapons
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