Weapons come under many different forms in the AMC TC. Some are classed as temporary weapons; these occupy the first weapon slot and can be used by all characters. You can only carry one and ammunition is found only by picking up another one. The exception to this is special ammunition such as Silver bullets and Explosive Shells. Others are unique to their characters, and each character will have a different replacement for a certain slot (So James will be able to pick up his Glock whereas Highwire will get his Tokarev)

Weapons have many different features that set them apart. These range from simple things like damage dealt, speed, magazine capacity and accuracy to weight, alternate fire functions, zooming capabilities, volume, attached melee weapons and ability to use alternate ammo types.


Many guns require reloading; this will peform automatically when the current magazine is emptied, or when you press the reload key. Shell-by-shell Shotguns require the reload key to be held down.

Certain weapons have a longer reload sequence if completely emptied, due to a new round needing to be chambered. If you reload whilst with a partially full magazine, a fresh one will be inserted resulting in having a full mag AND an extra round in the chamber. Certain shotguns can also be fully loaded, pumped, and then having an extra shell loaded in by pressing reload again.


A gun's size has an affect on sprinting and accuracy. Whilst you won't move physically slower, a large or heavy gun will affect your sprint strength and will be unaccurate whilst sprinting. Very heavy or big guns can't be fired at all whilst sprinting. A light weapon like a pistol however will suffer no accuracy penalty. On the other hand, larger weapons will be more accurate if fired when crouched compared to lighter weapons which don't get an extra accuracy bonus.


Certain future levels many contain alarm systems - these detect gunfire coming from yourself. Firing a weapon will increase this counter, and going over the threshold will trigger alarms; either bringing in waves of enemies or otherwise making life more difficult for you. Stronger weapons produce bigger noises, however even weaker weapons will go past the limit rather quickly. Certain weapons are suppressed and produce very little noise, meaning you can fire for much longer or even indefinitely without triggering alarms.


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