Ballistic weapons in AMC TC refer to weapons that fire bullets; such weapons are hitscan (This means that it hits instantly where the bullet was aimed; not realistic, but the vast majority of levels in the AMC TC are far too small to warrent realistic bullet physics) Bullet spread is determined by the gun being fired, as well as movement speed. Sprinting will decrease a gun's accuracy if it's a medium sized or larger weapon; crouching will increase a larger gun's accuracy. The Crosshair size shows you how accurate the gun you're using is at that moment in time.


There are several types of bullets in the AMC TC; the damage between all vary and some may deal random extra damage (Representing how many bullets tumble when entering a target) For the most part guns fire generic damage types rather than a matching projectile for each calibre, however this may change in future versions.

Pistol calibre rounds (9mm .etc)Edit

Many pistols and sub-machine guns fire low calibre rounds; although this means kickback is low it also means power suffers as a result. They deal poorly against body-armour. Some weapons may also fire sub-sonic rounds; these bullets are fired at less than the speed of sound (hence the name) making them perfect for suppressed guns, however as a result they have less power. These low-power rounds do 6 damage plus up to 5 randomly.

Example Pistol Calibre gunsEdit

Higher-power Pistol Calibre rounds (.40 SW, 7.62mm Tokarev .etc)Edit

Higher power rounds than the lower calibre ones. They have the same pluses and flaws that the lower power rounds have, including it's weakness against body-armour. These rounds do 12 damage plus up to 7 randomly.

Example Higher-power Pistol calibre gunsEdit

.45 ACP Calibre roundsEdit

One of the only calibres to have it's own damage type. The 45 deals a high amount of damage, but does very poorly against armour. The Silver Ammo drum is in the 45 calibre, meaning any guns that fire a .45 round can use Silver Ammo as well. Deals 15 damage plus up to 5 randomly.

Example .45 Calibre gunsEdit

Shotgun PelletsEdit

Shotgun shells are fired in a cluster of 7 per round; each pellet can deal 10 damage each. The amount of damage done is enough to kill the majority of standard enemies encountered with a single headshot. Shotgun shells are also not actually inaccurate; the accuracy depends mostly on the weapon you're using. However shotgun pellets in the AMC TC are very poor at penetrating body armour, dealing only a quarter of it's potential damage. Aiming for the head is the best way to counter-act this, against fully armoured enemies switching either to another weapon or using Flechete rounds is the best idea.

Example Shotgun WeaponsEdit