Weapon Information


AN-94 + GP30

Gun Type

Slot 9 Assault Rifle

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

20 + up to 10 randomly

Belongs to

James Stanfield


ADS + 2-round burst


An assault-rifle with a Kobra sight and GP-30 grenade launcher. The AN-94 has a unique 2-round burst function that fires twice almost instantly without any loss in accuracy.


The AN-94 is a good all-round Assault Rifle; With the 2-round burst mode it can also function as a battle rifle as well.

When using the sight the gun fires in a 2-round burst mode; the two rounds are fired almost instantly and it suffers no accuracy penalties with rapid bursting. This makes the AN-94 a great gun for long range combat as well. It's grenade launcher is also excellent when encountering larger groups of weak enemies or softening up larger targets. .


The AN-94 can be bought from the Shopkeeper if you rescued Matvei - it costs 25k base budget.


There are no upgrades for the AN-94.

More informationEdit

Wikipedia page on the AN-94

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