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This wiki is dedicated to covering information about the AMC TC and other games/mods set in the same world, including Imagination World and Oblivion. Said mods were originally based on Duke Nukem 3D, but have now spun off into their own standalone games.

You can find gameplay information, storyline knowledge as well as BUILD info for creating your own levels for the AMC TC. Any story information that spoilers things learnt throughout IW or AMC TC will be clearly marked beforehand, so if you're interested in that part of the games than you know when to steer clear of a section.

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What is the AMC TC?

It's a first-person shooter with 8 different characters, all with their own different weapons, items, appearences and voice overs. Based on Duke Nukem 3D, the AMC TC takes you over many different environments fighting different groups of enemies from aliens and cultists to mercenaries and a dictatorship; some characters you play as use guns, others use magic weaponry or even swords and axes - you can also perform different melee attacks such as a spin-kick or uppercut as well if you're rather get close and personel. Alongside this is a research system allowing you to find and purchase upgrades, new items and home base improvements. Progress is permenantly saved so you can replay through the AMC TC again with different equipment each time, with different characters.


The AMC Squad is a paramilitary group formed by a man whose identity is unknown to all but a select few in the EDF and EAF. Using funds from both of those agencies as well as his own, he hired an old friend to track down 7 of the best and most skilled fighters on Earth. This squad was formed to tackle the most severe threats to Earth's safety, including fighting off the notorious Cycloid race of aliens. However, events soon unfold that dramatically increase the scale of conflict, and the AMC squad must soon deal with a new paranormal world that is new to even the most supernatural members of the team.

Can you fight as the AMC Squad, and take care of this threat? Will you scour the battlefield, find and aquire research and equipment and tackle the threat strategically, or just run in guns blazing? Will you choose to play as Sangluss, A warlock with great power who overcame a dark past? Or as Merlijn, the knight from Holland who wields ancient weaponry to deadly effect? Mikko, the Cybernetic leader of MS Corp industries, brings a range of deadly and hi-tech weaponry to the battlefield whereas Highwire relies only on good old fashioned guns (Preferably russian made!).


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Groups, Corporations, and Companies



Level Construction



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